Why The Spanish You Need

Here there are some of the reasons why studying at The Spanish You Need is a positive, memorable and enjoyable experience:

  • We have great teachers

Our experienced and dynamic staff really enjoy teaching. They follow carefully the plan of your lessons to make sure that they are interesting and enjoyable, interactive and beneficial. They support you in your learning, so you can make the most of your time here in Spain.

  • You get personal and individual attention

The director of the school and his team personally organise all aspects of your stay. They are also highly qualified and experienced teachers who have time to talk to you, whenever you need help.

The number of students per room is 30 in our international classes so you can get personal attention, gain confidence, make progress and feel encourage to communicate effectively in Spanish. Students from all over the world choose The Spanish You Need!

  • You´ll feel at home in your accommodation

We know how important it is for you to feel at home during your stay here, so we carefully consider your needs when arranging your accommodation.


  • Our Team

There are many different elements which contribute to a positive learning experience.

At The Spanish You Need, we want you to be well-prepared for your studies and your stay in Madrid; happy in class, in school and in your homestay and confident about continuing your progress after you have left.

Our student welfare services are designed to support you before, during and after your stay and we welcome your suggestions.

  • Our Methodology

The Spanish You Need is the specific programme of studies for foreigners, specifically developed to integrate the new technologies to our traditional communicative teaching method.

  • Improves the oral comprehension and optimises its assimilation, using contextualised information.
  • Strengthens the spontaneous expression in Spanish through situations with vocabulary and everyday expressions established in the programmes.
  • Increases the importance of Spanish language acquisition using real contents.
  • Integrates information in different formats: text, image, audio, video, links, presentations, web 2.0 applications.
  • Dynamic and communicative activities with new terminology and continuous revision of contents.
  • Increases the interest of the student by 80% which means a faster and more consolidated progress.

Linguamatic method consists of the introduction of the language in a communicative way, using only the target language and following the training programme designed by Linguamatic.

  • The main goal is the most accurate oral communication in the shortest period of time.
  • The teacher guides the class to create the conversations stipulated in the programme.
  • Grammar is introduced through conversation, preventing frustration and continuous translations that stop the true learning of the target language.
  • The texts and audiovisual materials are thoroughly selected to fit into our method.

The student really communicates in Spanish!!